Ask, Seek, and Knock

We’ve had another great day of chess camp! The kids in Zach and Zoe’s room worked on opening principles and checkmating with two rooks and soon progressed to playing bughouse, while the more advanced students played games and worked on single rook mate. They also learned how to play with clocks for the first time and had another bughouse tournament. At the end of the day, the experienced students were introduced to four types of tactics: pins, forks, skewers, and discoveries.  Zach and Zoe hope to set up a tournament in their room tomorrow in which the kids will play each other.

The students continue to show a great joy in learning chess. They have really been a blessing to us this week. Zach has paid special attention to three little girls: Vale, Salomé, and Mayari. They radiate the love of Christ and show that no matter how much or how little you have, you still should put others ahead of yourself.

Vale (left) and Salomé (right) talk with Zach at break

During the break, the students played soccer once again. Roberto had not forgotten about his fall yesterday, so he decided not to compete as much today.  Zach also played only a little but enjoyed talking to everyone and relaxing.

After the break, we continued teaching and finished off the day listening to Despacito while cleaning up the room. Once all the kids had left, we ate lunch at Amor y Esperanza and headed home.

Roberto was very pleased that Jose got checkmate with a single rook in an actual game
Danny hits the clock after his move in a game against Mateo

On the way to Pancho and Pity’s house, we made a stop at the new school building that is still under construction. It currently has two floors, but there will be a third floor when the remaining funds for the school are secured. When the Whitefield EMT came, they built twelve walls on the bottom level. The view from the second floor is incredible! Roberto said that if he went to school there, he would look out the window and never pay attention in class.

Walls built by the Whitefield EMT
A view from the second floor of the school

Once we arrived at home, everyone was pretty tired so we just too it easy. Zoe finished the book that she was reading, and Drew played Wii basketball for a long time. He challenged Zoe, who had never played before, and she kept the game tied until we had to leave to go to the park.

Danny, Mateo, and Zach ran a 10K while Drew, Zoe, Maria Victoria, and Pancho walked. Roberto decided not to go and took a nap instead. Eventually, Drew decided to start running with Mateo but quickly fell behind and did not quite complete a mile. Nonetheless, it was a decent effort in the thin air of Quito.

Following our time at the park, everyone just relaxed and took showers before an amazing dinner of potato soup, meatloaf, and brownies with ice cream for dessert. Dr. Wells, a member of the board of Amor y Esperanza, also joined us for dinner. Afterwards, we had a very inspirational prayer meeting in the living room. Pancho shared verses from Luke 11 which command us to ask, seek and knock concerning our dreams with the Lord. They tell us to ruthlessly pursue the Lord, much as one pursues and attacks the king in chess, and cast our burdens on Him. This was a time where we were all very close to God as we prayed for Daniel’s journey to college, Zach’s knee, safe travels for Danny in America, healing for our grandmother, Nona, and strength for our beautiful and wonderful mother as she cares for and loves her whole family every day no matter the circumstance (we love you mom!!). This meeting was truly an example of God’s family and the love that we so actively desire to experience as believers.

After prayer, we stayed up for a little while and Scooby inspired a conversation about the differences between dogs and citizen rights in America and Ecuador. We are truly having a great time as a family here in Quito and are looking forward to another wonderful day of chess and love tomorrow. Hasta Mañana.

Scooby tries to sleep while everyone talks


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